David is an Actor of many recognizable and notable Television Series'. Please Read on to View details of the roles and characters he has portrayed.

Doctor Who, Series 3

‘DOCTOR WHO’ (Series 3)
David played a Royal Hope RHT Porter and had scenes with The Doctor, his new companion Martha Jones and the Judoon Space Rhinos.

The Royal Hope Hospital doesn't really exist; in reality, the site that it occupies in London is taken by St Thomas' Hospital. Scenes at the hospital were filmed at The School of Care Science, University of Glamorgan, Pontypridd.

Doctor Who Series 3 Trailer

Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte

David appeared in a BBC adaption of Emily Brontë’s novel Wuthering Heights. The programme was presented by Alistar McGowan as this was his favourite book and he entered it in the BBC ‘The Big Read competition’ for best book.
David played Edgar Linton. In the story just as Catherine confesses her love for Heathcliff she also reveals that she’s about to marry another man! Enter Edgar Linton the local rich kid! Cathy age nineteen decides to marry him because he can offer her a step up the social pecking order. People forget how important class is to Wuthering Heights. Catherine knows Edgar’s love is meaningless next to Heathcliffs but she’s a middle class Earnshaw and he’s a posh Linton who seduces her not with his spirit or his soul but with his wallet!

The Bill 2003

The Bill is the most successful police drama on British television.

In episode 133 (2003) David played a student called Chris. Chris and his girlfriend had been burgled and Chris saw one of the perpetrators that stole his property. He then has to describe to the police (PC Gabriel Kent) what he saw. Then he is asked to help the police by being in a stakeout to track down and identify the thieves.



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