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Harry Potter Movie Poster

Harry Potter: In March 2010 David Decio completed filming as a new character for ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ which will be released as two movies! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I, hits theatres on November 19, 2010 and the second instalment comes out on July 15, 2011. Read More >>

007: Quantum Of Solace Movie Poster

Quantum of Solace 007: Dame Judi Dench plays M, the head of British Secret Intelligence Service, MI6. She runs the Service with an iron fist and puts up with no insubordination or slack work from any of her operatives.

David Decio plays MI6 Agent. M’s position and being out of the Office makes her vulnerable therefore she has her bodyguard. Rory Kinnear plays Bill Tanner. Tanner is a recurring character who is a member of the MI6 staff destined ultimately to be Chief of Staff. This scene enabled the Director (Marc Forster) to show the contrast between M in London and Bond in Haiti, conveying an image of a modern clinical environment verses one of developing-world humanity.

The Production was keen to get every aspect of the locations right. It’s crucial that all the details fit every location from the actors, to set dressing to clothing. It’s really important the actors look like they really belong in that location. Each tiny part informs the audience and tells us where we are. Quantum Of Solace spent more time on location than any other Bond film up to this point!

007 Die Another Day Movie Poster

Die Another Day 007: In 2002 David was chosen to be "Mr Kil’s Personal Assistant’’ & Jinx’s Personal Driver in the Bond film ‘Die Another Day’. This was Bond’s 20th adventure and celebrated 40 years of unparalleled cinematic success.

David spent much of his time in a new 007 Ford Thunderbird chatting with Halle Berry (NSA agent Jinx Johnson). He was also fortunate to work with a fantastic man and actor Lawrence Makoare (Mr Kil) who always kept everyones’ spirits up on set and had some great stories to tell about the making of ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ in which he starred.

David got to spend a lot of time with Halle Berry as her Personal Driver in the film. The scene was being filmed during a very hot April but luckily enough Halle and David could hide in their fully loaded air conditioned 007 Ford Thunderbird. Halle was cooler as she was wearing a 007 stylish summer Bond girl outfit which was designed by Lindy Hemming (a fabulous movie costume designer). Unfortunately David was fully fitted with professional winter snow gear.

The sun glasses David is wearing were his own and he still owns them today! ‘‘It was so bright on set with the all white Ice Palace and snow, I had to wear the glasses to see what I was doing otherwise I would have looked like Mr. Magoo squinting all the time.’’

David was also featured in the Official Limited Edition 007 Ford Thunderbird commercial.
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David appears on a James Bond 007 trading card; ‘Jinx and Personal Driver.
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Die Another Day Trailer

Shiner Movie Poster

SHINER: In this British Gangster flick David played the ‘Blonde DJ & camera man’. David is seen here being bullied by Billy ‘Shiner’ Simpson (played by Sir Michael Caine) to make his boxer look like the star and not the opponent. David can also be seen (below) with Michael Caine and Andy Serkis (Gollum in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and King Kong). David also worked with screen legend Martin Landau who played Michael Caines rival US boxing promoter (Frank Spedding). ‘Shiner’ Directed by John Irvin.

Stage Beauty Movie Poster

Stage Beauty: David played a Painter Pupil to Sir Peter Lely who was played by actor Tom Hollander (Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3) who looked almost identical to a self portrait of the painter himself. In 2005 David would work with Tom Hollander again when he became his stand-in on the Ridley Scott movie ‘A Good Year’.

The scenes were filmed in a 17th Century house near Windsor. It took 40minutes in makeup and 20minutes in wardrobe for David to turn into his character. On the day that David had his scene with Claire Danes he was lucky because the Unit wrap was 10am; that was only about a 2hour filming day! This was because Claire had to go and prepare for the UK premiere opening of ‘Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines’ in which she was one of the main Stars. ‘Stage Beauty’ Directed by Richard Eyre.

V for Vendetta Movie Poster

V for Vendetta: David has always liked comic book movies so he didn’t pass up the opportunity of being in the Vertigo DC comics movie ‘V For Vendetta’. He was directed by the Wachowski brothers (Matrix trilogy) who were on set helping the Director who was their 1st AD on the Matrix films.
David played a ‘V Street Vigilante’ in the final climaxes of the film. ‘‘There were three other actors and myself who were chosen to be the main V Vigilantes; we all were holding weapons we use to kill the Finger Man who has just shot dead the little glasses girl. One guy was given a wine bottle, another a shovel, and the other had a wrench. When it came to me the props guy saw my Nike rucksack I had with me and he said he liked the style of it and could I use that. Jokingly I said - great I get to beat a guy up with my bag! He replied - pretend it’s full of bricks.’’
‘V For Vendetta’ Directed by James McTeigue and Written & Produced by the Wachowski Brothers.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomarrow Movie Poster

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow: David worked on the UK:Unit shoots. This was a memorable film for David because it was the first film in history to be filmed all on blue screen!
David played a Pilot and he is seen below at his desk taking flying orders from his Chief who was played by Stephen Fitzalan, who also played ‘Mon Calamari’ in ‘Star Wars Return of the Jedi’. The man running in from the left to David’s desk is Giovanni Ribisi, who ‘was a pleasure to work with’ says David. To the right you can see David with the rest of the Cast. ‘Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow’ Directed by Kerry Conran.
David also appears standing taking orders at a desk in a Sky Captain Poster


Sky Captain and the World of Tomarrow Movie Poster

Driving Lessons: In 2005 David was the official driving double and stand-in for actor Rupert Grint again This was on the film ‘DRIVING LESSONS’ also staring Julie Walters and Laura Linney.
All the driving you see in the trailer was done by David.

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